About me


Over the last 30 years+ Brendan has been exposed to many aspects of Information, Internet and eCommerce technology. Starting with database programming on Apple IIe/c, Desktop Publishing, building workflow automation tools for print and real estate companies. Moving into the Internet Technology space in 1997 joining NLnet, the first Dutch internet provider as a product development engineer, building mail, Usenet news, web security services, accounting and web portals for customers. Soon moving into team leadership and project management of large network infrastructure projects.

NLnet was acquired by UUNET in 1998. UUNET was one of the largest global Internet providers at the time and Brendan became responsible for integrating all Server teams and non network services of all European acquired operating companies as the Director Server & Services Operations. After the integration and consolidation of the European teams into a single organisation Brendan started his own company Imap4all. In 2004 Google launched Gmail and the business case for a paid subscription based email service did not work.

After consulting for a couple of years Brendan Joined Booking.com late 2008 as Director IT responsible for all tech. At the time a hotel reservation website with around 400 employee's total that was acquired by Priceline in 2005, and was growing very fast. During his time at Booking.com just the technology team grew from 30 engineers and product managers to around 1700 when he left Booking.com in July 2017. Booking.com is one of the most successful eCommerce company sustaining an very high growth rate for more than 20 years.
From 2012 onwards Brendan was part of the Booking.com leadership team that shaped the company in it's current form, leading the online booking accommodation space, operating in over 200 countries and territories, from over 200 offices with 17000+ employees world wide. During his time at Booking.com Brendan together with the CPO had, not only to reinvent the technology and product organisation but also himself multiple times.

After leaving Booking.com Brendan is currently working with various high growth companies to help their technology and product organisations to grow in a sustainable manner. Ensuring that the employee's working in these organisations can do their best work and have laser focus on creating value for their customers. Next to this, Brendan is picking up his old passion of photography and building a outdoor/action sport photography business. Employing the same fundamentals of success as a leader: empowerment, creativity and collaboration.